About This Webinar

Adaptive learning is one of the hottest developments in the Learning and Development Industry. This meeting of university Deans of Graduate Schools and Professional Development teams, along with Librarians and Accessibility staff from current university partners, will review the services provided by pd.education by DoctoralNet through the adaptive learning lens.


Universities are reviewing services and planning for the next year, trying to meet the goal of creating a positive output for graduate professional development. For many institutions, this process includes taking a look at the new technology available to see if there is a better option to help them meet their training goals.

During this complimentary Product Showcase, Dr. Alana James, Founder and CEO of pd.education by doctoralnet ltd will discuss recent papers on adaptive learning and share how our multi-layered platforms for learning address a wide range of needs. Serving groups from hundreds to tens of thousands of learners. PD platforms make it easy to integrate innovative e-learning tools and strategies — including gamification, badges, certificates and best-of-breed content — to provide an enhanced learning experience and future-proof your professional development expenditures.

This interactive demo will provide insights on:

-Adaptive learning and what it may mean to graduate professional development, especially for non-traditional student populations. -How the systems work internally to support the variety of students now attending the university: full-time, part-time, across programmatic differences in final completion standards, professional and PhD, students needing accessibility, etc. -The specialized program assistance that is developed for known retention and completion issues such as lingering ABDs. -The variety of experiences across the topic areas of Academic Writing, Argumentation, Criticality, Getting Published, Grad Prep, Job Prep, Research Design, Thesis or Proposal Design, Tools and Hacks, Wellness. -Ways in which librarians, accessibility staff, and others can support students by sending them on to their university platforms. -How innovative tools add up to personalized pedagogical responsiveness at scale.


You can participate in this discussion right now by following this link and posting your question. Then if you can’t make the live meeting, you’ll know your questions were still addressed. Feel free to ask about our research findings, what we've learned about adoption, personalized pedagogical responsiveness at scale, innovation or any other questions you may have on PD. The address to participate now is: https://www.wooclap.com/DNMNDEMO .

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