No one is surprised that Graduate departments are exploring online resources for their students working remotely. But who has been doing it long enough to have developed tenets of good practice? Data and experience over the last seven years of evolution by pd.education by doctoralnet coalesce into four tenets of remote academic PD.

This session will discuss
1) Outcomes of research from Inside Higher Ed on the university process of starting online work.
2) The continuums of university platforms, technological standards, and key outcomes of Academic PD.
3) How different universities use the supports and what Deans and faculty say about its use.
4) The what, why, when of student use, and what students they say about the supports
5) The four tenets we can take back to the field from our seven years of experience.

Q& A will follow this discussion. All registrants will receive the recording. This webinar is for university personnel (partners or merely interested parties) and their students who want to investigate remote academic and professional development (PD)

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